Brick: An Urban Paranormal Novel by Natavia

Brick: An Urban Paranormal Novel by Natavia

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Monica L. Smith


  1. D-City Underworld: Zontae's Reign: by Annitia L Jackson
    03 Feb, 2018
    D-City Underworld: Zontae's Reign: by Annitia L Jackson
    This book has a lot of explosive chapters...but the chapters are short until you get toward the end of the book.  This book is a paranormal romance with some demon half-breeds, sorcerers, and humans with special abilities. Although this book is captivating, you can get easily confused because of all the character names being so close.  Two of the characters are named Jazz and Jade (who are sisters - I believe), while two of the main characters are named, Selene and Samara.  The only two siblings
  2. 3:AM by Jai Bree'nae
    25 Jan, 2018
    3:AM by Jai Bree'nae
    Although this book starts out a little slow and is filled with a bunch of lyrics from songs, it was a fabulous story.  The names for the two sisters that this book is centered around are Symphony and Harmony.   One sister sings and is living the good life while the other has a troubled past.  As they work together to put their lives back together, both sisters are hit with multiple issues and problems.   I loved this book...I really loved this book, but I think that all the lyrics to the songs
  3. After Hours Reviews
    25 Aug, 2017
    After Hours Reviews
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